Dancing in a 1941 UAW picket line

Dancing in a 1941 UAW picket line


"Nothing to investigate". Front page illustration from the Seattle [WA] "Star", 2/7/1914 [p.1]. This shocking image is in reference to a coal miners strike that had begun in Ludlow, Colorado, in September of the previous year and continued into 1914. The Rockefellers were the principal owners of the mines, and they employed brutal strike breakers to harass and sometimes murder the miners, who had been evicted from their company housing and were living in a tent city. The Colorado National Guard was called in to police the situation, but the Guardsmen sided with the company men. Worse was yet to come for Ludlow in 1914. In future months, I’ll post more about this story, or you can read ahead at the UMWA website. PBS also has an account of what happened at Ludlow, Colorado, later in 1914.

One hundred years later…

1937 Michigan garment workers

1939 Dodge strike in Detroit

1934 textile workers on strike